Our Marketing Program

Local, National, International Marketing of Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties Since 1988

Our team strives to utilize every appropriate medium available to market our properties to potential buyers. Every property we list goes through a rigorous brainstorming period in which we establish a six- month plan to outline exactly how we will market the property during every week in the listing period.

Mike Lembeck Marketing Strategy

The standout qualitative difference between our company and an area-bound local agent's is that we are a non-local, unbounded, professional marketing company, more like an advertising agency than a real estate company, and like an advertising agency with branches the world over that brands and represents products to buyers the world over, we also brand our clients’ properties for success in the International market.

Our programs and strategies both local and outreach – Personalized to Your Property and the Local Market – stretch and break the boundaries of the mass solution to real estate sales practiced by conventional area-bound agents, companies and franchise giants. Get to Know the Broker – Mike Lembeck – and Program that Will Get You to Where You Want to Go. Call Direct, Anytime to Request an Introductory Presentation. 714-742-3700

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of Mike Lembeck and Citivest Realty Services - Apartment Sales Division will be twofold:

1.) Direct promotion to tens of thousands of qualified buyers locally, nationally and internationally.

2.) Direct promotion to the professional brokerage community throughout California and nationwide.

Maximum Exposure = The Best Price

The following is a brief summary of some of the key components of our marketing program:

(Call for a more complete breakdown of the marketing we do for each listing)

Direct Promotion to Buyers and Investors

1) Marketing Package/Offering Memorandum - A complete promotionally oriented package containing all pertinent investment information needed for the buyer to give serious consideration to your investment property. Our team is made up of impressive marketing talent in graphic design, website design, SEO creation, branding, and the list goes on. Our belief is that investors only care about the "meat and potatoes" of the deal and not how many pages the package is and how many times you can repeat the same thing over and over again. We put together concise, eye-catching offering packages with ONLY the most pertinent information on the deal so that buyers can quickly understand the value and potential of the asset. The marketing package will contain a complete 10-year cash flow analysis using seller-provided rents and expenses. Prevailing interest rates will be used to determine the new mortgage payment so potential buyers can see the exact expected cash flow analysis of the potential investment. Sales and rent comparables will also be included.

2) Individual Property Web Site - Our team creates a website for each property that contains high-quality pictures, important attachments, links to other relative info on the property, drone footage, demographics, maps, the offering memorandum, and more. With its unique website address, buyers have direct access to HD photos and information about your property. We'll produce a full-motion virtual tour that will be featured on your properties website and also broadcast to key real estate search sites.

3) HD Panoramic Tour - If you desire, we'll produce a panoramic tour of the interior of your property. Since your property is a tenant occupied apartment building, this is a dynamic way to give depth and perspective to your property, allowing buyers to view the interior without disturbing the tenants.

4) Direct Mail - A customized, professional "Just Listed" Letter will be mailed out to a targeted area around your property. We will also email an announcement, with a link to your website, to key agents and buyers about the availability of your property.

5) Monthly E-Newsletter - A monthly E-newsletter featuring your property, will be e-mailed to both real estate agents/brokers and owners of apartment buildings, commercial properties and our investor database of thousands of investors.

6) Mobile Marketing on Demand and QR Code for Your Property - We've reserved a unique text code for your property. Buyers can text to receive photos and information on their phone, I will receive a text and I'll follow up. Also, today's tech-savvy consumer can scan the QR code for your property to get photos and details about your property. We will produce a separate QR code to track the responses from the various media we use.

7) Direct Email Notification - Direct Email notification to our investor database of thousands of qualified investors. We will send an email with a link to your website, to key agents and buyers about the availability of your property.

8) Web Advertising - All listings are posted worldwide on all four of our own personal web sites. Plus additional web sites including Craigslist.org, point2NLS.com, ocapartments.com, co-star group, homeseekers.com, realtor.com, trulia.com, zillow.com, commercialsource.com, cyberhomes.com, OCRegister.com and LATimes.com.

9) Loopnet.com - The number one nationwide commercial property web site for both investors and Investment Property Brokers. Reaching over 700,000 Commercial Real Estate Professionals and receiving over 2,000,000 unique visitors monthly.

10) Reaching International Buyers - International buyers continue to invest in U.S. property. Your property will be accessible to them online, and your individual property website can be instantly translated into eight languages.

11) Optimizing for Google - Through the strategic use of meta tags, keywords and a unique SEO page coded just for your property, we help your property rank well in Google searches.

Mike Lembeck Marketing Strategy

12) Your Property on YouTube - YouTube is the second largest search engine online, so it's critical that your property is featured on this channel. Your video will be on YouTube within hours after we launch your website.

13) Tapping Social Networks - We make it easy for viewers to spread the word about your property through one-click buttons on our website for email and social media posting. Between our extensive reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as the tremendous multiplicity effect of the "sharing" feature by our followers, we often reach tens of thousands of people in a very fast period of time. Our postings link interested parties directly back to the property website that has been created for the asset.

14) Phone Canvas - A phone canvassing program starts as soon as your property is placed on the market. Phone calls will be placed to both investors and Investment Property Brokers where your property will be pitched as an investment they should give strong consideration in purchasing.

Direct Promotion to the Professional Brokerage Community

1) Multiple Listing Service - Your property will be placed in up to eleven Real Estate Boards Multiple Listing Services covering the entire State of California, reaching hundreds of thousands of Real Estate agents.

2) Real Estate Investment Assoc. of O.C. - Your property's marketing package (and my personal plug) presented to over 500 brokers at every Tuesday morning's Investment Properties meeting.

3) Investment Specialist List - Personal Contact and presentation of the property with the most successful Investment Real Estate offices in Southern California. A complete marketing package will be emailed or faxed to all Investment Property Brokers in Southern California.

4) Strong Relationship with Brokers - I cooperate and work with all brokers to maximize exposure and obtain top dollar for each of our seller's properties. My upstanding credibility and long-term relationships with other brokerage firms fosters a win-win philosophy in agency cooperation.

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