Deferred sales trust

Sell your highly appreciated multifamily asset and avoid paying capital gains tax without the stress of a 1031 exchange. Allows funds to be diversified into liquid assets. Legally recognized by the IRS and governed by Tax Code IRC 453.

Achieve the following benefits:

Mike Lembeck Multifamily Real Estate Advisor -

Liquidity and Diversification

Enhanced Retirement Income

Maintains Family Wealth

Estate Tax Benefits

A 1031 Exchange Alternative or Rescue

Can Sever Partnership Interests

 Asset Protection

 Probate Avoidance

The Deferred Sales Trust is an exceptional alternative to the 1031 Exchange for individuals seeking to defer their capital gains taxes while diversifying their portfolio. The Deferred Sales Trust enables individuals to strategically invest their money into cash-flowing assets, which in turn creates flexibility and the opportunity to grow generational wealth. Realize gain gradually over time or avoid realizing gain indefinitely. Reinvest your capital while deferring your capital gains tax obligation.

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